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I started working with Dr. Fig in May of this year with the goal to appropriately reduce the number of medications I am taking for various conditions. First, Dr. Fig is an excellent listener, this is important. He also takes the time to understand the situation and provides input based on his research, this is also important. We are currently reducing medications I take for GERD while incorporating a homeopathic remedy into my daily routine. Since starting the remedy, I have noticed increased energy, a greatly improved mood which has fortunately transmitted to my two puppies who are barking significantly less. I appreciate my functional physician team members; however, Dr. Fig has provided me with more useful and relatable information in the month that we have been working together than my team has over the last decade. Thank you, Dr. Fig, for building out your practice so that others may benefit from your knowledge and kindness.

Skyler A.

When I started working with Dr. Fig I was suffering from horrible PTSD and taking psych meds. I had seen many alternative practitioners but Dr. Fig really was the key to helping me heal, and he was with me every step of the way. By the time one year had gone by, I was already off my meds and feeling much better. Today I feel so healthy, I can hardly remember what it was like to have PTSD.

Jeff B.

Dr. Fig is wonderful. He is a very kind, patient, and compassionate physician. Who took the time to really listen to my concerns and come up with the best treatment options for me. He also has helped educate me about my health and answers all my questions. Which is quite refreshing. 10/10 I recommend him to all my friends and family.

Anna G.

Dr. Fig is a great teacher. He took the time to explain my labs and all of his recommendations for me. I feel like I can ask questions about anything!

Chris M.

Dr. Fig was really awesome and took all the time needed to listen to my daughters symptoms. First of all masks are a choice at this office, and I LOVE THAT!!! Every doctor that we have had at the office has taken the time to hear all our issues and fully give the care that we need. They have done a great job seeing my kids too. We will never go back to their pediatrician who has gone woke and believes all kids need be vaccinated. Thank you so much for caring so much about your patients and the community!

Jessie B.

I felt very comfortable trying something new and outside of my traditional comfort zone. The Entire experience was exceptional. Dr. Fig was great. Thank you!

Quinn D.

Thanks your help today again, Dr. Fig! You have inspired me. Now I am thinking about pursuing ND school. :)

Amanda A.

All my concerns were addressed and I felt cared for. I always feel like the entire staff cares and wants to help you feel better. I never feel uneasy asking questions or asking for advice. It's so great to have places like this to get wonderful help at. Wish there were more holistic facilities in other states like this one.

Payton H.

THANK YOU so much for the wonderful job you did on my son's hand and for being so patient and thorough! His remaining symptoms have resolved and he has healed up great.

Avery S.

Dr. Fig is a fantastic doctor! I met him in college through local volunteer work and he is an incredibly intelligent, caring and respectful person. My family has sought naturopathic solutions after having been failed by pharmaceutical remedies for some time and the results were incredible! He is just starting up, so there are some growing pains getting noticed but this guy is the real deal!

Jon J.

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