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Why We are Obsessed With Informed Consent Part 2

Last time we talked all about the barriers to true informed consent and asserted the patient’s right to clear and complete knowledge of their risks and benefits. Another reason why informed consent is important to us is that many patients are unfortunately unaware or uninformed about deprescribing and Homoeopathy. We certainly do not want any of our patients consenting to something they don’t completely understand! However, I do not wish to frighten anyone from seeking care, so I will say this: Every treatment, medication, supplement, or procedure you have ever had, carries with it risks and potential benefits. The fact that you have not been made aware of these risks before do not make them any less real.

It is my goal to be completely up front and transparent with you about my expectations and the possible setbacks when working with GOMM. It is also my goal to be with you every step of the way and resolve any setbacks. Ultimately you have to ask yourself: Do you want a doctor who is just going to sell you on their “miracle treatment” and brush aside the risks, or do you want a doctor who will tell you the truth and be your team-mate when things go wrong? It’s your call. At Get Off My Meds, we believe you have a right to true informed consent, where you actually understand what you are consenting to.

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