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Why We are Obsessed With Informed Consent Part 1

At Get Off My Meds we believe that our patients deserve clear and complete information about the treatment and procedures they will receive. Unfortunately, many patients who come to us, have not been completely informed about the risks of their current treatment.

This is at least partly due to time restraints when seeing patients, or a lack of knowledge on the part of the doctor. In the case of polypharmacy, the risks may simply be unknown to anyone! Also, the practice itself may have a lack of commitment to providing adequate information for patients to make informed decisions. Legally informed consent is incredibly easy to achieve. All you have to do is have the patient sign the paperwork. All these factors decrease the likelihood that a patient will be able to give clearly and completely informed consent. At Get Off My Meds, we believe that patients have a right to clear and complete knowledge of their risks and benefits.

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