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What Makes a Medicine Homeopathic?

So what makes a medicine homeopathic? Well, if we dissect the word Homeopathy we get the Greek words Omion (similar) & Pathos (suffering). This refers to the usage of the law of similars to treat disease. Therefore, what makes a medicine homeopathic is whether or not it produces symptoms that are very similar to the disease at hand.

Thus, there is no such thing as a medicine that is inherently Homoeopathic, because being Homoeopathic depends on being similar to a disease condition. Said another way, something can only be homeopathic when it is COMPARED to the symptoms of a disease. Because of this, Homoeopathic is not an inherent quality, but a relative one. Thus, a potentized medicine (or ANY medicine) cannot be homeopathic until it is applied correctly to a disease according to the law of similars. At Get Off My Meds, you do not have to worry about any of this because our highly trained practitioners will ensure you receive the highest level of care!

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