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What is a Potentized Medicine

What is a potentized medicine? Learning the distinction is an important step for any Genuine Homeopath or homeopathic patient. This is because supplements and medicines often are marketed and regulated incorrectly as “Homoeopathic” medicines out of convenience or misunderstanding. While potentized medicines are used frequently in homeopathy, they are not exclusively used in homeopathy.

The term potentized medicine refers to medicines prepared via repeated succussions (shaking against a hard surface) and dilutions as described by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the Organon of Medicine. This method of preparation was devised through experimentation and experience. The purpose is to reduce the risks of adverse effects while increasing the likelihood that the body will have a healing reaction. Anything can be prepared as a potentized medicine, but we most often use herbs and minerals. Potentized medicines have been applied in Homeopathic and non-homeopathic therapeutics with success and there is a wealth of evidence supporting their efficacy, when applied correctly. At Get Off My Meds your doctor will use both potentized and unpotentized medicines to ensure you achieve the best results!

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