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How is Homeopathy Different Part 1

Medicines that are Homoeopathic to your disease do not act like pharmaceutical drugs. Drugs are chemicals that affect the body. They alter the body’s biochemistry in order to achieve a result. However, once the drug is used up, your disease returns to the way it was before, but a bit worse. This often results in the need to re-dose medications frequently, often with diminishing returns. Unfortunately, the action of pharmaceuticals is typically non-specific and they are given for generalized conditions, which means there are often unwanted adverse effects associated with the treatment.

Homoeopathic medicines are specifically selected and specially formulated in order to stimulate the living person to heal from the inside out. These do not have an action on the body, rather they stimulate the body to take action. Homoeopathy stimulates true healing, which often results in long lasting positive effects. Since Homoeopathy uses medicines specific to your illness and depends on stimulating the body to heal itself, adverse events are rare. This is because of the specific nature of the therapy. At Get Off My Meds, your Homeopath will seek to know your symptoms as well as you do, because this level of knowledge is required for successful treatment.

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