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How Do I Manage My Condition Without Medications?

Ultimately, the way to resolve your health problems is to live a healthy life and use proven healing therapies. Many people find that our main therapies, Homeopathy and lifestyle medicine reduce or completely eliminate their need for medication.

With Homeopathy we are able to prescribe 1 medicine that treats your entire condition and helps to heal it over time. As you heal, lifestyle recommendations that previously seemed too difficult or unobtainable become much easier to achieve. This helps to sustain your health without medication. Together, Homeopathy and lifestyle medicine are capable of managing or resolving many commonly medicated diseases with just 1 medicine. At times, it may be appropriate to add other forms of non-pill healing such as physical medicine or acupuncture. At Get Off My Meds our doctors are highly trained physicians, proficient in many healing arts. We work with you to get the very best results!

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